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Let's face it.  Graduates have worked hard to attain this goal.  They have attended classes, completed assignments, written countless papers, crammed for exams, etc. 


Whether they are graduating from junior high school, high school, college, or post graduate programs, they stayed the course with the soul purpose of reaching their graduation day.  It is now here, and as you celebrate with them, don't select a run of the mill card to celebrate this milestone.  Instead, select a handcrafted greeting card that they will love and appreciate.


This card is for the males in your life.  The sentiment on the front of the card, "Congratulations. You did it!" is sure to make them beam with pride.


This is an A2 size card (5.5" x 4.25").  It is made of high quality materials and an envelope is included.  You can personalize the inside sentiment.  Simply include it with your card order.


Giving a handcrafted greeting card is like giving a hug!




Graduation Card, Card for Him