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Where are the pink and green color combination lovers?  This journal is perfect for them.


These make great gifts and are packaged for gift-giving.


There are so many people to give this journal as a gift:


1. New Moms- they have a lot to reflect on and be grateful for.

2. Baby shower gifts

3. Teachers

4. Nurses

5. Friends

6. Co-workers

7. Sunday school class

8. Sorority sisters


Who else would you add to the list?


This journal features:


1. Scriptures on several pages

2. Coloring pages

3. Doodling pages. Don't feel like doodling? You can journal on these pages.

4. Room for prayer requests/ answered prayers

5. Mood gauges

6. Note pages


It has 60+ pages and features chipboard front and back covers. The journal dimensions are 6" x 8". This is the perfect size to slip in a handbag or backpack and carry it with you on the go.


Grab some today and start journaling your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams.

Journal. Reflection Journal.


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