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Imagine going to your mailbox after an exhausting day.  You pull the mail out and there are bills and unsolicited mail.  As you sort through it, you glimpse an envelope with your handwritten name on it.  Imagine the smile that comes across your face and how excited you feel and you haven't even opened the envelope!


Now, you open the envelope and the card reads, "You've Been On My Mind".  Do you feel a bit lighter now?   You still haven't read the inside of the card.  You know that someone was thinking of you.


You have a chance to send this card to someone else and put a smile on their face.  I smiled while making this beautiful card.


It is an A2 size card (5.5" x 4.25").  It is made of high quality materials and an envelope is included.  It is blank inside so that you can include your personal message.


Giving a handcrafted greeting card is like giving a hug!

Thinking of You

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