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Have you ever had a doctor who went above and beyond to ensure that you understood everything going on? One who showed compassion towards you? One that you knew loves what they were doing?

I have been so blessed to have such doctors take care of me and my family members. Being in a hospital or simply going to an appointment can be terrifying for some people. Having a doctor who truly cares about their patients can be so comforting.

I like to give doctors thank you cards. I used to use more generic thank you cards, but now I give them this card. It is blank inside so that a personal message can be written.

Can you imagine how surprised they are to receive a thank you card?!

This is an A2 size card (4.25" x 5.5"). It is made of high quality materials and an envelope is included.

Giving a handcrafted greeting card is like giving a hug!

Appreciation Card. Thank you card. Doctor card.


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